Webinar! UNLOCK Innovation!

1 hour

Innovation is driving growth and productivity gains in every industry, including yours.  Do  you work in healthcare, government, retail, or education? How about wireless telecomm, aerospace, software or computer hardware?  Non-profits around the world are benefiting from innovation, too.  What do you need to know to stay relevant and engaged in this innovation-driven economy?

Bestselling author Eric Verzuh shares the building blocks of innovation and a strategy for increasing your firm’s capacity to innovate.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The difference between invention and innovation
  • Two modes of innovation
  • Why creativity scares us
  • How to multiply (and divide) creativity
  • How experiments reduce risk
  • The characteristics and strengths of an innovative workforce

Earn one PDU and gain a new insight on innovation!

Unlock Innovation Preview