Hands-on Project Management Classes Build Skills

Project management training can have an immediate impact on your team's performance when it incorporates the best adult learning techniques.
  • Apply course concepts to your own projects during training.
  • Work in teams to complete projects.
  • Hands-on learning increases comprehension and retention.
  • Learn faster and transfer the learning to your job immediately.

Best practices from the bestselling book in project management!

Principles of Project Management Instructor-led Online Live Class 

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Course Date: Dec 8 - 9, 2020

Course hours: 7am – 3pm PST / 10am – 6pm EST


Hands-on Innovation & Project Management Training Curriculum


Experts in Project Management and Microsoft Project

Versatile's MS Project Training is taught by the same instructors who teach our full project management curriculum. You'll be learning the most popular project management software and project management best practices! It's a powerful combination!


The Project Management Issues Log

Learning to Manage Intangible Projects 

The project management discipline was created for tangible products - bridges, buildings, and nuclear powered warships. The current growth of project management is in intangible products: organizational redesign, recruiting strategies, and compensation plans for a few examples. 

At Versatile, we've delivered project management training to construction firms and public school administrators. Our current growth audience is Human Resource professionals. So how do we help these knowledge workers bridge the gap between tangible and intangible products? 

When an HR team recently attended our project management training in Seattle, they brought their projects with them. We used their projects in class, breaking down their end goal into major steps, then into specific tasks.  

Every introductory project management class should teach you to clarify the tangible outcome of every task, even if that outcome is a recommendation or decision. 

Thanks to Mark Mullaly, for posting on www.ProjectManagement.com to get me thinking about this. 


Earn the CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management 

Making a career in project management is like many things - experience creates opportunities. But what about getting that experience? Versatile offers project management training online and onsite for people who want to earn their PMP or who just want to build their skills. 

If you have taken project management training and think you've discovered a career field, why not hit it hard and study for the Certified Associate in Project Management? The CAPM may not carry resume clout, but earning the certification will build your knowledge and make you more effective on the job. 

Learn more about project management training that applies to the CAPM at www.pmi.org 


The Most Important Project Manager Skills 

When you attend project management training online, you can get the impression that the only skill you need is scheduling.  

Project managers certainly need to know how to schedule a project. And project leaders will benefit from knowing how to use Microsoft Project as well. 

But the MOST important skills? Probably soft skills. Bringing people together, building a strong team, working through problems with all the stakeholders. Because if you can't do that - your schedule will be meaningless. 

You can attend Versatile’s project management training in Seattle, online, and at your location to learn how to clarify scope, create realistic schedules, and perform risk management. We also have a fantastic, simulation-based High Performance Teams class.  

www.ProjectManagement.com has their own ideas about the Top Three PM Skills. Watch the video!!