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•You DO manage schedules using Project.
•You DON’T manage costs with Project.
•You DO need to know WHO is assigned.
•You DON’T need to know how many hours a resource will work per day/week/month.
•You DO want easy-to-read reports about schedule progress for management.

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Course Description

This unique class is designed specifically for people who use Microsoft Project to manage a schedule, but NOT to manage cost or for resource utilization analysis. If that sounds like you, then you can ignore two-thirds of Project's capability. But do you know which two thirds? Versatile has developed a Tame Microsoft Project Template and Ribbon that hide the features you don't need. This class provides clear guidelines that make it simpler to build and maintain a schedule in Project.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this Microsoft Project training, you will be able to:

* Understand the discipline of project management as it applies to using Project.

* Leverage a custom Ribbon to navigate the application

* Create and enter a useful list of tasks (a Work Breakdown Structure)

* Quickly create a project schedule

* Establish Task Relationships to visualize which tasks must precede others

* Assign people to project tasks

* Assign duration estimates to tasks

* Capture the original schedule as a baseline

* Easily update the actual start and actual finish of tasks to track schedule progress

* Track the percent complete of tasks

* Generate a high-level project timeline for reporting to management

Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Taming Microsoft Project

The value of project management software! How does Project integrate with the project management discipline? The best strategies for navigating the application using Versatile’s custom Ribbon.

Lesson 2 – A Quick and Easy Overview of Managing a Schedule Using the Tame Template and Ribbon

Get the big picture on using Project to plan and manage a project schedule. See the high-level process that will be the basis for the remainder of the course.

Lesson 3 - Setting Up a New Project

Start a project off right. Open Versatile’s Tame Project Template. Establish a calendar and set the basic parameters for the scheduling engine.

Lesson 4 - Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Create a useful task list, also known as a Work Breakdown Structure. Understand tasks, summary tasks and milestones. Guidelines for formatting the WBS.

Lesson 5 - Establish Task Relationships

Visualize the sequence of tasks that drives the project schedule. Link tasks to establish task dependencies. Use the network diagram to visualize all tasks and their sequence. Format the network.

Lesson 6 - Defining Resources within Project

Resources accomplish the work on projects. Add the people, equipment and other resources you need to your project plan.

Lesson 7 - Estimating Task Duration to Calculate the Schedule

Estimate and enter the duration of each task. Understand the scheduling defaults in the Tame Template that simplify schedule management.

Lesson 8 – Creating an Initial Schedule

Use critical path analysis to create a schedule. Apply schedule constraints.

Lesson 9 – Manually Schedule vs. Auto Schedule

Take control of the scheduling engine! Understand how and why to turn off Project's scheduling engine.

Lesson 10 – Managing the Project

Capture planned vs actual schedule information to identify performance problems and communicate project progress. Use a project baseline to find variance.

Lesson 11 – Formatting Output and Printing Reports

Communicate with management and customers using the Timeline or pre-configured dashboard reports.

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