Microsoft Project Tips and Tricks

Too Much for One Webinar - Attend Both Sessions!

Would you like to be more effective using Microsoft Project today? This webinar is for users of Microsoft Project who need to plan, track, and communicate effectively even if your title doesn’t include the words “project manager.”

Tips & Tricks Part 1

1 hour

Learn the principles that drive effective use of Microsoft Project.
  • Strategies for making it easier to enter your plan.
  • Navigation tips to access more features of Project
  • Avoid the most common mistakes
  • and much more!
Earn 1 PDU and get more out of Microsoft Project!

Tips & Tricks Part 2

1 hour

This webinar will highlight communicating with Project information and keeping Project updated during the project.  Specific topics will include: 

  • Views  & Tables 
  • Filters, including Auto Filtering and Built-in Filters 
  • Creating stakeholder views and reports
  • Using Predefined Reports 
  • Setting a Baseline 
  • Updating Strategies & Best Practices 
  • Updating Percent Complete 
  • Actual Dates & Duration 
  • Actual Hours & Costs 
  • Comparing Results & Corrective Action

Earn 1 PDU and improve your project management skills!