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Versatile classes maximize hands-on application of project management concepts.  Training in project management can have an immediate effect on your team's performance when it incorporates the foremost adult learning techniques.
  • Apply course concepts to your organization's projects during training.
  • Complete projects while working in teams.
  • Comprehension and retention are improved with hands-on learning.
  • Learn faster and transfer the skills to your job immediately.

Best practices from the bestselling book in project management!

Microsoft Endorsed Training
microsoft validated training
Microsoft validated training

Versatile's Mastering Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013 training has passed Microsoft's rigorous evaluation process

Be assured that you are getting the best available, Microsoft endorsed training from The Versatile Company's instructors.
Versatile's MS Project Training is taught by the same instructors who teach our full project management curriculum. You'll be learning the most popular project management software and project management best practices! It's a powerful combination!

The Project Management Issues Log

Information Technology projects need both Business Analysts and project managers. I.T. projects are legendary for failing due to poor requirements. That phenomenon led to the growth of Agile methods. I.T. projects that succeed - using either traditional or agile approaches - meet customer expectations about schedule, cost and functionality. To do that requires strong communication between the development team - including the deployment team if it is a third party solution - and the customer (including the end users). Wow. What a mouthful. So many stakeholders and so many expectations.

Fortunately, the good business analyst has the communication skills, the technical knowledge, and the business analysis tools to drive the stakeholders to realistic decisions.

Business analyst and project management training focus on very different topics, but both should give a nod to the critical contribution of the other one. Attend our project management training online or in Seattle and you'll get both. Readers of my book, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, will also see this partnership highlighted in Chapter Four: Project Initiation.

Mark Mullaly has posted a video on ProjectManagement.com to describe this key relationship.