The Versatile Company

The Versatile Company has been improving projects for our clients since 1990.  Training and consulting services build your capacity to initiate the right projects and deliver them faster. 

Building the Strategic Strength to Compete in an Economy Driven by Innovation

Our training and consulting services embody the practices and principles described by Versatile's founder and President, Eric Verzuh, in his bestselling book, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management.

Our modern economy is driven by rapid innovation. From healthcare to education, retail to aerospace, we are surrounded by constant, visible evolution.  As a result, what were previously mere tactics - project management, creative problem solving, collaborative teams - have become strategic strengths.

The most innovative organizations realize that good ideas can come from everywhere. That creativity and collaboration benefit every department, and that more and more of our work is accomplished through projects.  These innovation leaders aren't looking for one great idea - they are building a culture of innovation by promoting the core strengths of creativity, collaboration, and project execution throughout the enterprise.

Project Management

Project management practices organize the work so people coordinate and collaborate effectively.  From project selection and priority, through project planning and execution, project management techniques and technology build our capability to execute with speed and efficiency. Our project management curriculum will train your firm in every step along the way.

Business Innovation

Innovation and creativity aren't limited to developing groundbreaking new products or services. The discipline of creative problem solving can be applied to improve customer experiences or multiply productivity in any industry.  Versatile's applied creativity model blends intense stakeholder focus, an investment in creativity, and risk reduction. 

Innovation Literacy

Most organizations have people who specialize in project management, in new product engineering, and in continuous process improvement. But these specialists don't become a culture change.  Their reach is limited, and therefore so is their impact. But what would happen if everybody had the strengths to create, collaborate, and deliver?  When stakeholder-focused creativity and team-based decision-making and goal-driven planning are common strengths in your workforce, great ideas come from everywhere and results multiply. 

Microsoft Project, Project Server, Project Online and SharePoint

As Microsoft Project and Project Server experts, Versatile leads deployment projects and delivers training. Our Microsoft Project courseware has become an industry standard, selected by Microsoft for their learning partners around the world.  Versatile offers Microsoft Project training in Seattle and all around the world!  Versatile Project Server experts have earned Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management certifications.

Unlock the project management power of SharePoint! We'll show you how with our training and SharePoint project portal templates.

Powerful Results
We work across the United States and serve public agencies, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and non-profits. We've delivered powerful results at many fine companies including:
Adobe Systems
Seattle Public Schools
General Electric
  SVB Financial
Pierce County, WA
Tyson Foods
Nintendo of America
Group Health Cooperative
Lockheed Martin
Russell Investments
United States Postal Service
 MulvannyG2 Architects
Columbia Valley Community Health
The Boeing Company
Crowley Solutions